Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Back Again.

What a great return we had from our Christmas Vacation.  The kids came back ready for work.
I'm excited to say we had a lot of great things happening in our classroom the last few weeks, leading up to the Band Extravaganza today.

In Math we have learned about exponents and order of operation since coming back.
In Reading we have worked on Stamina and reading fluently.  I am seeing lots of growth since my first assessments at the beginning of the year.  I will say, students who have reading logs consistently filled out with effort and accountability are the ones who show the most growth.
In Writing we wrote informational paragraphs on BlackBeard.  It was great!
In Science we wrote have been learning about food chains, consumers, producers, and specialized structures.

Now for a million pictures!

Snow Day

Science Notebooks!  Photosynthesis!

AH Projects