Thursday, May 11, 2017


Hey guys!

We are getting close!  It seems like there are a million things to do every day.  Here are the highlights for you.

1) We are having some sixth graders share their experiences and answer questions for our kids next week.
2) Star Test, Aims Web, and DRA II assessments are being completed for progress reports.
3) Pizza Party tomorrow.
4) Lots of gifts, i'm super spoiled.  I feel so blessed to have such awesome parents. I really don't deserve it.  I just have to love your kids for a year, you are the ones stuck with them!  I appreciate all the stuff you guys do for our school.   I know we have a lot to learn at BEU but man, I think we have the best school and I'm proud of what we have accomplished as a first year school.  You guys make that possible.
5)  Please, please, please remember your $10.00 tomorrow.  I know it's a big ask, but this helps pay for our Lazer Lanes day and its going to be a blast for the children.
6) May 17- Biz Town- Everyone has their training emails.  Let me know if you didn't get one!  Remember you leave before us so you arrive 30 minutes early.  All kids depart with us, but they can go back with you.
7) Field Day and Lazer Lanes- May 22
8) May 24- Graduation @ 6:30

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Flash's Big Top Carival
Please sign up at the link below to work August 29th at Flash's Big Top Carival.  It takes an army to make this work.  I will be there doing other jobs the PTA has assigned me and I will help out when I can.  Its going to be a big day of volunteering in Columbia as lots of us will be volunteering with FORColumbia that day as well.  Join us and help out by signing up at the following link!  WE NEED YOU!!!!  Thanks for everything you do!

Please send in headphones or ear buds for your child to wear if you have them!  We are short about 6 pairs.

ALSO, MONDAY 4/24/2017 we are wearing our new BEU First Class shirts.  Your child got it Friday and left it at school so we didn't forget them at home.  They need to wear a undershirt or white shirt underneath it.  We will all wear these shirts as a team on the first day of MAP Testing.

Please help your kids get lots of sleep and plenty to eat!  They hav worked hard to get here!

-Quintin Ryan Imler

Friday, April 21, 2017


Hey guys!  I wanted to give you some updates!

Flash's Big Top Circus

 We have an amazing basket!  You guys rocked it.  We had a good balance of little things and big things.  It's late notice but we need to sponsor a game for the event.  This would mean we help "run" a game.  I've been assured that it mainly means passing out candy to kids after they participate so they don't grab big handfuls and run us dry!  I know it's a crazy busy time of year, so thank you in advance for contributing to making this night work.  Older siblings, friends, and family are encouraged to sign up on the link below! (P.S. Let me know if it isn't working!)

Lockdown Drill
Today, April 21, we have an intruder drill at 9:45.

Book Projects
Students completed and shared book projects as part of their reading clubs.  This included a custom Bully Book, Flora and Ulysses in 90 sec video, and Encyclopedia Brown Investigations the game.

MAP Test
Thank you for helping your kids get rest, stay relaxed, and be at school on time over the next two weeks!  This is crucial for their success.  I have a caring group of kids so they should be doing this pretty independently as well.

Gentry Middle School Night
May 1st!  6th Grade Get Acquanted Night 6:00  to 7:30 at GMS.

Dodge Fur a Cause!
I hope you guys enjoyed our Service Learning Project!  We had a great turnout!  It was an excellent experinece and the kids raised $1,500 for animals in Florida during Hurricane Matthew.  The kids took so much ownership in this event.  We are proud of their hard work.  We made it a goal to make sure that the kids didn't just ask parents for money since they are fifth graders and worked to provide goods or services. Thanks again for making this a success.

Learning Topics
Students have learned about Reconstruction Era, Industrial Revolution, and WWI in Social Studies.
We have been learning Geometry in Math.
In Writing we finished our Post test for Persuassive Writing.  Our topic was ethics and the zoo.
In science we have been reviewing Earth Science, Physical Science, and Life Sciences in anticipation of the Map Test.

I sent in e-mails of our volunteers!  Thanks so much for contributing to this.  If you sent in a form, i submitted your name!  You should recieve an e-mail in the next few weeks with instructions.  I know you leave before us and arrive a little early, and are mainly there to answer questions kids may have.  You are allowed to take your student home with you, but they can't ride up with you.

Quintin Imler

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Hi team!

I'm excited to announce we are doing a Star Wars gift basket.  The students talked about hitting older generations as well as kids with a Star Wars basket.  The students talked about Lightsabers, Funko Pop statues, Dvd's, Comic books, Leggo sets, and nerf guns could all be involved in the basket.  I created an excel sheet so you can see what other people are bringing and avoid redundencies.  I will provide a basket!

Thanks to those of you who returned your JA Biztown sign ups!  

Remember Graduation is Wednesday, May 24th, @ 6:30! I've had a few parents bring up last day of school (May 25) celebrations.  If you are at the PTA meeting tomorrow we can talk about this more!

Friday, March 17, 2017


Just an FYI.

Middle School Counselors will be visiting the school on Monday to talk to the students from 1:45 to 2:30.

Our biggest road block in our Service Learning is signing up more teams.  Please, Please, Please work with your student to sign up more teams!  Give me a call or e-mail if you want recommendations on how to do this.


Quintin Ryan Imler

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


I hope you guys are having a great week!  Is it Spring Break yet?  I wanted to give you a few updates on our week!

Math- We are learning how to multiply fractions.

Reading- We are continuing to work on comprehension strategies, figurative language and writing complete answers that restate the question and use evidence from the text.

Science- We took our Solar System science test and will be starting work on Moon Phases.

Writing- Students have been been working hard (a few have been hardly working) on their persuasive writing.

Dodge Fur A Cause

So far we have three teams signed up.  Our initial flyer contained a lot of great information but lacked a deadline to sign up.  Since Great Southern Bank is sponsoring our Concession Stand, we wanted to make sure and have plenty of teams signed up to work.  WE have been brainstorming a lot about this and talked about setting goals, creating social media presentations, and how to recruit students.  Check out for more details!